Olympus Perspective Playground

The “Olympus Perspective Playground” was a photography exhibition which took place in Berlin from 1st – 24th September.

It is a part of series of exhibitions which the camera manufacturer – Olympus – has been hosting in various locations since 2014. The purpose of the event is brand promotion and until now it has attracted more than 350,000 fans of art and photography in more than 15 locations throughout Europe.

The entrance to the event is free, and everyone entering is handed out an Olympus camera to try out.

That being said, we visited on the last day of the exhibit, and had to wait in queue for about an hour and half, and a group of seven were only granted three cameras, because of over demand.

Lucky I brought along my good old Canon!

The exhibit took place in “Kraftwerk” (an old heating factory turned into an event hall and nightclub), and featured various interactive art installments.

It offers a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts to immerse within the “perspective experience”, and to shoot a variety of challenging and fun shots.

Everyone is encouraged to play around, ideally with Olympus cameras. When exiting you naturally need to return the borrowed cameras, but you get to keep the memory card containing your very own shots!